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Digital storytelling; Bringing your business’ story to life.

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Inconsistent business information across online directories and listings can damage your search rankings. We can help you quickly add your business to new listings and ensure consistency and accuracy among existing ones.

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About DigiGriot

Discover your story and bring it to life online, whether it is a social media campaign, a video, or something as basic as a blog post. Every online piece we create is a chapter of the story that reflects the passion and dedication you have to your company and helping your customers.

We work closely and build a partnership with you to craft a story that resonates with your target market and influences your customers to share their experience. Each piece of every project is an opportunity to engage customers across all digital channels, stimulating sharing and encouraging conversations.

In today’s world, tracking individual marketing success is challenging. Through the use of powerful analytical tools, we make sure that your message is getting to the right demographic and has defined goals. We provide identifiable objectives for your company so we can gauge the success criteria for each project.

Think of us as your digital partner – one that helps you drive profitability, boost engagement, and inspires you to bring the heart and soul of your brand’s story to life in a marketplace where it sometimes seems impossible to stand out from the crowd.


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