Growth-Driven Process

We don’t believe in one and done marketing. A growth-driven process is backed by data and is a continuous improvement process to your integrated marketing strategy.

You can’t improve what isn’t measured and consumer behavior is a moving target. Through thoughtful analysis of your brand’s digital channels and campaign performance we build strategies that support your brand’s growth and align with internal corporate goals.

Our Skills & Expertise

Digital marketing is successful when you connect all marketing efforts in an integrated marketing strategy.


On-page & off-page SEO techniques and strategies make your brand visible.

Web Development

Modern feature-rich websites empower your brand and marketing tools.

Email Marketing

Email campaigns drive awareness, traffic, and loyalty from existing customers.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is a visual storytelling strategy.

Social Media

The human component to a brand and a platform for one-on-one engagement.


Storytelling through data. Measure how customers engage with your brand.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound marketing strategies start with your customer at the center of every marketing effort. Marketing strategies should be built on a mutual transaction of value; you provide your customers with information and an excellent customer experience that is exchanged for business and trust.

Inbound marketing is customer-centric. It is a methodology that attracts visitors that are most likely to convert into customers by aligning content with timing. Inbound marketing strategies add value to your potential customers' experience so you can extract value from your customers.

HubSpot Certified Agency

DigiGriot is proud to be a HubSpot Certified Agency. That means all of our Griots are trained and certified in tools and tactics that increase traffic and conversions rates from your site’s visitors. If you want to learn more about how you can use HubSpot as part of a growth-driven marketing strategy, schedule a chat with us and we’ll walk you through it.